The Best Carrot Cupcakes For the Easter Bunny

I think about how we often put out cookies at Christmas for Santa, along with a few carrots for his reindeer and wonder why we didn’t have Miss Sarah put out treats for the Easter Bunny! These Carrot Cupcakes are just the thing to leave out for that bunny — and let you create memories with that special little person […]

Easter Chick Cupcakes!

OK…. we like to play around here. Today, we have a different kind of Easter Chick Cupcake than we shared last week… it’s SUPER easy for the littles to help you make and pretty stinkin’ cute! Easter Chick Cupcakes Ingredients: 24 large lemon heads ( or yellow gumball) 1 Tablespoon mini chocolate chips melted (toothpick to apply) 6 orange Starburst […]

Coconut Chick Cupcakes

Here is a fun one, easy for the little kids to do and stinkin’ cute too!  It’s these fun, hands-on, activities that create memories for them to look back on — and you too! Coconut Chick Cupcakes for Easter Ingredients: 2 cups yellow coconut 48 brown M&M’s 1 bag of Starburst Minis 24 frosted cupcakes To dye the coconut yellow put […]

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

It was interesting having a Cookie Monster theme for a birthday party… for my husband. Do you know that there is NO Cookie Monster stuff out there that doesn’t say “Happy First Birthday” ? So, we kept it simple. Happy Birthday Mylar Balloons, a cake and Cookie Monster cupcakes. That is what I brought with me to Salvatore’s Tomato Pies… […]

How to Make Killer Cupcakes

We used to cater a lot of events when I had my restaurant – every thing from funerals to weddings. One hot item – the cakes! Cupcakes and Cake Pops are more the rage now – but here are a few quick tips to make them A-MAZ-ING! 1) Ignore what the box mix says. OK, not entirely, but close. Add […]

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