12 of the Best Baking Hacks: Clever Ways to Save Time

The best baking hacks? Baking can be a fun and rewarding hobby. However, it can also feel like an insurmountable task when you are faced with recipes that seem to have too many steps or ingredients. If this is the case for you, don’t worry!

12 of the Best Baking Hacks: Clever Ways to Save Time

In today’s blog post we will be giving you 12 of the best baking hacks to help make your life easier and your baked goods better. These tricks make baking faster, easier, and more enjoyable so that everyone can enjoy their favorite treats!

12 of the Best Baking Hacks

Everyone needs and loves time-saving tips. So, whether you are preparing pies or rolls, the following baking hacks will help you to save loads of time and money.

Many people detest baking as they take a lot of time and produce a lot of mess. The following hacks will surely make your baking experience more enjoyable and cleaner.

  • How to Use Pancake Mix to Make Moist Cupcakes

Not many people would believe it but, yes, you can make delicious cupcakes with a pancake mix. The preparation is beyond simple and the cupcakes will be surprisingly delicious.

FYI – you can also use a cookie mix or even a brownie mix to make cupcakes too!

Learn How to Use Pancake Mix to Make Moist Cupcakes here

best baking hacks
  • How to Fill a Pastry Bag

A pastry bag comes in handy when decorating cupcakes at home. It may sound scary, but the process is actually simple and it really makes quick work of the job when you are looking at a lot of treats to make.

Learn How to Fill a Pastry Bag here

  • Ways to Dress Up Box Mix Cupcakes

Using a boxed cake mix not only speeds up the recipe, but can keep cost down as they are even to be found at your local Dollar Tree store – for a buck! The trick is, to make them actually taste homemade – instead of that uniform “I just came out of a box” flavor.

Learn the various Ways to Dress Up Box Mix Cupcakes here

  • How to Make DIY Edible Glitter

Making edible glitter is very easy and the kids will surely love it. So many people get confused about this and try to use NON-food safe glitter in their baked goods. You can use the glitter on cupcakes and even to create colorful drinks.

Learn How to Make DIY Edible Glitter here

best baking hacks
  • How to Make Buttermilk

Buttermilk is not something that you will have readily at home. However, you need not race to the neighborhood store to buy one. It is a simple recipe which you can make at home and often comes in very handy!

Learn How to Make Buttermilk here

  • How to Make Cake Release

If you want perfect cakes each time, then you must learn how to prepare cake pans. The instructions are easy, and you will be absolutely amazed at how much of a difference it really makes on getting that treat out of your cake pans.

Anyone who has ever had one of those fancy bundt pans where half their cake was still staring at them after they tried to flip it out? You will love this!

Learn How to Make Cake Release here

  • Cupcake Troubleshooting

If you have ever had a cupcake fail and didn’t want to spend hours and hours on Youtube trying to figure it out? This is a comprehensive cupcake troubleshooting guide that will help you nail down that issue and before you know it, you will be making perfect cupcakes every time.

Learn all about Cupcake Troubleshooting here

best baking hacks
  • How to Make Killer Cupcakes

Again, this is how to take a boxed cake mix and tweak just a few things so you can amaze your friends and family with decadent tasting and textures of a gourmet-styled cupcake.

Seriously, these are tips from a professional cake baker!

Learn How to Make Killer Cupcakes here

  • Cake Pan Converter

Finding the right cake pan size will never be a problem for you if you have this cake pan converter. It tells you how you can adjust any recipe to fit whatever sized cake pan you need to use.

Get the Cake Pan Converter here

  •  How to Frost a Cupcake

There are a few different ways to frost a cupcake or decorate it. Will you pipe it one? Spread it on? Learn more!

Learn How to Frost a Cupcake here

  •  Easy Tips for Greasing a Bundt

It is all those nooks and crannies that make your cake batter stick like a little booger. If you want to preserve the perfection of the design of your cake when you flip it out, then you must grease the Bundt pan properly.

Get the Easy Tips for Greasing a Bundt here

  •  Keto Chocolate Cupcakes

This is one of the most searched cupcake terms on Google. Keto Chocolate cupcakes are gluten-free and need no introduction. It is a basic chocolate cupcake recipe; so you can decorate it whatever way you like.

Get the recipe of Keto Chocolate Cupcakes here

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Silicone Cupcake Liners Versus Paper Cupcake Liners

Silicone Cupcake Liners Versus Paper Cupcake Liners? There comes a time when you decide to bake, and after mixing the batter and ready to line those cupcake trays, it is there, and then you realize the cupcake liners are nowhere to be found. Do you cover the batter and head out to the store? Or, do you spray, flour, and bake as is?

Silicone Cupcake Liners Versus Paper Cupcake Liners article cover image of both options

Either way, the cupcakes will be done when you take them from the oven, and they are cooled – especially if you have kids around. But, when you go out to buy, what type of cupcake liners do you normally choose – silicone or paper?

Silicone Cupcake Liners Versus Paper Cupcake Liners

Both have their advantages, and after doing our necessary research, we will help you choose the next lining you use for your cupcakes.

Why Use Silicone Liners?

Silicone liners have been on the market for a very long time, and a lot of people have used them and got the desired baking results they need. But, if you are not sure about picking them from the shelves, here are a few advantages you can use as a guide…

* Silicone Cupcake Liners are Eco-friendly

Silicone cupcake liners are made from reusable material, which means you help the environment each time you opt for silicone liners compared to other options. Seeing they are eco-friendly means they are recycled and can be reused multiple times when taken proper care of. After each use, all that’s needed is a clean-up and store.

*Silicone Cupcake Liners are Less Expensive

If you bake quite often, then going for silicone liners might be a better option as seeing they can be reused means you will spend less. It is not always as easy to buy liners every time you have to bake to consider silicone liners as a great investment form.

silicone cupcake liners are eco-friendly

*Silicone Cupcake Liners are Resourceful

If you bake any at all, then you know how critical it is to get the results how you desire. We want to make sure our batter does not stick to the liners when they are done baking. The best part of using silicone liners is that they are non-stick, dishwasher safe, and can stand heat pressure of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In essence, the liners are quite versatile, and even if you don’t have cupcake trays, you can easily line them on a flat tray to bake.

Do You Have To Grease Silicone Cupcake Liners?

Generally, when you bake in bakeware that doesn’t have liners, you highly recommend that you grease them. Hence, the removal of the baked product is easy and makes the overall clean-up process easier. Interestingly, using silicone liners make the baking more seamless. Still, there is nothing wrong with greasing the liners to help you remove the cupcakes easier and easier for the dishwasher to handle.

How Do You Get Cupcakes Out Of Silicone Cups?  

Getting cupcakes out of silicone cups is the ultimate question many of you have been asking after hearing so much about the famous silicone cupcake liners. The best part is that removing the cupcakes from the silicone liners is quite simple and efficient. After the cakes are cooled (say, for at least 15 minutes), gently press the liners’ bottom and peel the sides from around the cupcakes. This process will see you turning the liners inside out.

Why Use Paper Cupcake Liners?

If you are not using silicone cupcake liners, then using paper or foil is your next best option. We know paper cupcake liners are the traditional kinds that we use on the go, but what other benefits are there to using paper or foil?

Are Foil or Paper Cupcake Liners Better?

Interestingly, there is the option of using foil cupcake liners or using paper in the cupcake holders. However, there is the option of combining both the foil and the paper to give a stronger result and a more sturdy bake. There are different reasons to use paper or foil liners to do your cupcakes, such as…

Paper Cupcake Liners are For a Party/Crowd

If you are hosting a party or serving a crowd, it would be better to opt for the paper liners as it is more hygienic and better for serving. We are sure you wouldn’t want to go to a party and get a cupcake served to you with no “covering” on it, right?

*Paper Cupcake Liners are For Decoration

Cupcakes are often used for different decorative purposes, and using paper liners might be the best solution. It gives you more variety in getting the results you need. Besides, you could be baking the cupcakes as a gift to someone, so the paper liners would be more economical to use, seeing you wouldn’t get them back.

paper cupcake liners

The decorative aspect of using cupcakes means you could also be working with a theme, and the paper or foil will help you achieve the best results.

How Do You Keep Cupcakes From Sticking To Paper Liners?

One of the most annoying parts of baking cupcakes is having them stick to the liners after baking. But, there are alternatives you could choose from to help you eliminate this result. If you are using the cupcake liners on a flat tray or putting them in a cupcake holder, adding cooking spray or a little olive oil will help you bake easier and remove them as soon as they are cooled.

Can You Use Paper Liners in Silicone Baking Cups? 

The best answer to this is yes! But how? Well, you might not always have a cupcake baking tray around, and a flat tray is all that is available. Using the mere paper or foil will create some unbalance level, and the silicone liners, which are firmer, will help the paper liners stay in place.

Use To Top Jelly Jars Instead of Fabric.

Here’s a bonus! Have some cupcake liners hanging around and not sure what to do with them? Well, you could use them as jar covers instead of using a piece of cloth to do so. After all, they are efficient and effective to get the job done as much as the cloth does and come in so many cute and festive designs!

So, the next time you bake, you are sure to have a blast as there are multiple options to choose from when deciding what is best to use.  

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3 Easy Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting

Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting? When it comes to baking, there is so much you can experiment with, whether it be what you made from scratch or what you buy from the store. The frosting is one thing when it comes to baking that everyone wishes to have, especially for their cupcakes.

3 Easy Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting article cover image with piping frosting bags

The ready-made frosting on the shelves does have its spunk, and the best part of it is that it can be customized to taste, feel, and look the way you desire.

3 Easy Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting

There comes a time when you need that frosting base to add to your cupcakes – but what can you add to make it better?

Adjusting the Taste

If you go for “unflavored frosting,” there are many things you can add to make it to the desire you want. Nothing really tastes better than cupcakes having flavored frosting, and you can experiment with a variety of pizzazz until you get the flavor you need. Not sure what the right flavors to choose from? No worries…we’ll help you…lemon!

Adding lemon to just about anything always brings out an aroma like no other. Whether you choose to add lemon extract, raw juice, or even the zest, the result will be amazing. However, you have to be mindful that if you used too much lime juice, the frosting would become thin, and you may have to add extra powdered sugar to get it thick once again. Don’t have lemon juice? Orange could serve as a great substitute for either your vanilla or chocolate frosting. We know it works from experience and tells you the best is yet to come alive in your kitchen once you try.  

creamy or crunchy frosting additives are great Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting

Creamy or Crunchy Additives are Great Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting

You can choose between creamy or crunchy additives to add to your frosting, such as…

Mint Always Works

The best part about store-bought frosting is that you can complement it with some interesting tastes. Peppermint always knows how to bring out the best in everything you add to like the aroma will be lifted, and the taste has a pump with each bite you take. You can opt to decorate your pancakes with frosting, or you can use it to make a dip for those who prefer it that way.

Chocolate Lover?

Chocolate lovers know no bounds when it comes to what they can add chocolate to as there is this belief that “no choco is too much.” Well, there is another interesting way to add your favorite treat to something that will make you smile – frosting! A lot of people may have an issue with chocolate cupcakes having frosting made with chocolate. That means nothing, and adding a touch of crunch with a few chocolate chips will provide you with a more exciting experience.

Let’s Go Nuts!

Going nuts in a good way, that is! You can easily bring life to your frosting by adding nuts, whether as peanut or nut butter or as crushed nuts. Many people do love the taste of crunch while eating, and adding a half cup or maybe a full cup depending on the amount of frosting, will help improve the frosting quality.

Adding a dab of Nutella will up the flavor and taste of the frosting as well!

Whipped frosting on purple cupcakes

You Got Whipped!

Pumping up your frosting is endless as there is so much you can add to improve taste and flavor. Ever thought of adding whipped cream to your frosting or not sure if it will work? Well, take it from us…it tastes great! To get the best results, mix equal parts of both (preferably slightly thawed whipped cream as the thin cream may eventually melt away and make the frosting too watery). If your frosting is sweet and you desire to tone it down, you can opt for unsweetened whipped cream.

Compliment the Frosting

You can get your store-bought frosting to have the taste you desire by getting the ingredients you want to taste their flavor. Wishing to edge closer to a buttercream taste? That’s no problem! After sourcing the frosting, you want to use a tub of buttercream and a package of cream cheese (room temperature preferably for both) and add them to a bowl. Mix in the two major ingredients until they are evenly distributed, then add your favorite flavor boosters to it – vanilla extract, lemon, or mint. While mixing, add powdered sugar to help keep the body of the frosting.  

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How to Host the Best Cupcake Decorating Contest

A Cupcake Decorating Contest? When it comes to baking, it is not just getting the right teaspoon of ingredients in and baking for the exact 30 minutes as indicated on the packaged mix. There is so much more associated with it…including how to go about things or even present the treats once they are finished.

How to Host the Best Cupcake Decorating Contest kid decorating a cupcake for a family cupcake decorating contest

Cupcakes are a big favorite for just about everybody, no matter the flavor, and topping them off with just the perfect touch, too, will make them a heart-smiling delicacy.

But, aside from baking these mini cakes just for fun or for that birthday party, what else could you engage these in to have some extra fun? How about a cupcake contest? We are sure this sounds like an exciting activity that would pull everyone in, especially the kids, and knowing they would get to compete with friends.

How to Host the Best Cupcake Decorating Contest

Hosting a cupcake decorating contest is not as hard as it seems, as all you need is the place, people, and ideas on the types of cupcakes you need. Once that is set, you would be surprised to see how many people would desire to engage in it.

In a time like this when the world is going through a pandemic, everything is basically going virtual, and this could be a fun virtual event to co-ordinate!

But you may ask “how does a virtual contest work?” There are so many virtual rooms such as zoom, skype, Facebook, and many others that people can use to showcase their talent. Besides, you could email your decorated stand and await a response from the “judging panel.”

Virtual Shows

Every year, different companies worldwide host virtual cupcake decorating contests, with winners getting the chance to be given lots of prizes and surprises. For instance, one hosted by the Lewisville Branch Library allows bakers to submit their entries via email. During the contest period, which is usually a week, people get to vote for their favorite. The winner is then announced on the draw day.

There is usually a theme that bakers have to work with, for example, “eco-friendly,” which means their main entries have to exemplify something that promotes an environmentally-friendly setting.

How You Can Host Your Virtual Show

With the joy of Covid – we are all sitting behind our Zoom sessions, and this could be a fun twist to that. Each family involved would simply just need a standard kit – so everyone is starting at the same base.

Do you want it to be just a family and friends thing or do you want to make it a fundraiser – larger event of sorts?

Hosting a virtual cupcake decorating show is relatively easy once you have the mindset and the willpower to get you through it. After you have made the necessary plans on what to expect, who can enter, what is required, and when you would like to host it, you can go ahead and get sponsors to help you with advertising the competition as well as get the prizes and surprises you will use to run the show, if you are going that route. Interestingly, it is often not hard to get the right sponsors on board, especially when you seek out the food and beverage industry.

How to Host the Best Cupcake Decorating Contest

In a pandemic like this, many companies would like to bring awareness to their brand, which is a great strategy to get it done. Organize with them and let them see the importance of the show and its purpose in bringing to light many people’s talent. After all, it is set, get to advertising, and be surprised to know how far it will go. You can make the necessary guidelines to be like…

* Setting a Theme

What aspect of life would you like to bring awareness to? You can make the theme surround this. Take, for instance, breast cancer awareness – this means you could go pink. People will have the privilege to get flexible with their baking and decorating. Or, you could go for something more playful like nature and the environment.

* Ingredients for your Cupcake Decorating Contest

This is one of the most interesting aspects of the contest as the most intriguing thing is that all contestants have a pre-arranged list they have to work with. No rule says everyone has to use the same ingredients, but it has to come from the guidelines’ setlist.

* Submission

The submission aspect of the contest solely depends on you and how you desire for it to go. You could request that contestants submit their entries through email or via a social media group. You could also ask for a video sample of the preparation and the results, or you could opt for photo submission.

* Prizes For Your Cupcake Decorating Contest

The prizes can vary, and you could choose something that could help the contestants…either a cash prize or something they can use to improve their talent – baking set, stove, or ingredients.

If this is a friends and family thing – a trophy from your local dollar store could be tweaked with vinyl – to make a bragging rights award that you can use to hold over each other’s heads at future get-togethers for years.

People are home and would love to get their hands busy instead of lying around all day. The kids are home, which is a great way to get their minds active and allow them to get creative while doing something they love. Get a group of friends to help you plan, or you can team up and host a more exciting event.  

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Sweet Meditations Inspired by Cupcakes

Meditations Inspired by Cupcakes? From children’s parties to corporate banquets, cupcakes pop up all over. Newlyweds feed them to their wedding guests and cafes serve cupcake-centric menus. What if you could make habits that are good for you, like meditating, just as appealing?

Sweet Meditations Inspired by Cupcakes article cover image of cupcakes on a tray

If you want to begin a meditation practice or become more consistent, take a cue from cupcakes. These 3 ideas will make mindfulness almost as simple as eating dessert.

Sweet Meditations Inspired by Cupcakes

Who knew cupcakes could be so inspirational? There are many lessons that can be learned from these pocket-sized tasty treats…

Meditations Inspired by the Smallness of Cupcakes

You probably have days when it’s difficult to carve out five minutes for meditation, let alone a half-hour or more. You skip a session, and before you know it that lapse builds up into a month. Try scheduling bite-size meditations instead.

Pause for silence.

A single moment of silence can calm you if you’ve been rushing around. You’ll remember your priorities and manage your time more effectively.

Select a word.

Pick a word for the day that is meaningful for you. When you feel irritated or sad, repeat it to yourself.

Read a passage.

Assemble a library of books that give you food for thought. Read a few lines from a spiritual teacher, philosopher, or poet.

Breathe deeply.

A red traffic light is an ideal opportunity to monitor your breath. Try inhaling and exhaling in 3 parts, focusing on your abdomen, rib cage, and upper chest.

This is a great cupcake meditation bedtime story for kids – or the kid at heart.

Meditations Inspired by the Sweetness of Cupcakes

Many people love cupcakes, even if they’re dry, because they’re covered with almost twice as much frosting as a plain old slice of cake. When you’re going through a challenging time, search for the upside of hanging in there.

Learn and grow.

Overcoming obstacles hones our skills and makes us more resilient. Figure out how to leverage your strengths. Identify areas where you need more practice and training.

Develop compassion.

Disappointments can soften your heart. You’ll want to treat yourself and others more gently when you empathize with their experiences.

Deepen your relationships.

Friends become closer when they support and encourage each other. By collaborating with a partner, you come up with solutions that may have eluded you if you were working on your own.

Appreciate simple comforts.

It’s easy to take our blessings for granted. When your dishwasher breaks down, think about how much convenience and free time modern appliances have added to your life.

Meditations Inspired by the Wide Variety of Cupcakes

Would bakery lines be so long if cupcakes came in vanilla only? It’s those flavors from peanut butter and jelly to red velvet that draw a crowd. If you’re tired of the same old routine, new meditation techniques may restore your enthusiasm.

Take a walk.

If you need a break from the cushion, you can meditate without sitting down. Walk around your living room or follow a path in a quiet public garden.

Chant and sing.

Maybe you’re having one of those days when you feel compelled to put your thoughts into words. Sing your favorite hymns or popular songs. Chant along with a CD.

Draw a picture.

Art can be meditative. Sketch trees and flowers. Copy a drawing from a book. Assemble a collage that you can display.

Join a group.

Alternate between meditating solo and as part of a community. Browse online for meditation centers in your neighborhood. Ask your local library about starting a lunchtime meeting.

Cupcakes can do more than satisfy your sweet tooth. Let them teach you how to develop a practice of daily meditation that will dissolve stress and bring you greater peace of mind.

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28 of the Best Boozy Margarita Cupcakes and More!

Boozy Margarita Cupcakes and more? The booze-infused cupcakes are a great creation albeit they are only for adults due to the content. The liquored desserts are extremely popular these days and we have crafted an amazing collection of boozy cupcakes for you along with the most frequently asked Boozy Cupcakes questions.

28 of the Best Boozy Margarita Cupcakes and More! article collage cover image

28 Boozy Cupcakes to Spice Up Your Celebration

While I have an incredible collection of boozy margarita cupcakes and more for you, it can be confusing for people. Some call them boozy cupcakes while the terms “cocktail cupcakes” and “drunken cupcakes” seem to be the occasional substitution. Whichever term you use, these are alcohol-infused cupcakes that we are talking about, not boozy cupcakes with pipettes.

When talking about cupcakes with pipettes, it is a plain ol’ alcohol-free cupcake that has all the booze in the pipette. Just before ripping into that cupcake, squeeze the contents of the pipette into the cupcake.

Do boozy cupcakes get you drunk?

They could. There are several factors here to consider. First of all, after baking cupcakes with booze in them for 30 minutes, roughly 30-40% of the booze content has NOT baked out. If you overindulge, you could get tipsy! People like me, who have had gastric bypass surgery, gets tipsy after just one or two sips of wine. 1-2 cupcakes could make us legally drunk! So, for all of those people who want to know “Does alcohol bake out of cupcakes?” the answer is both yes, and no. MOST of it will bake out.

One other thing to consider: what proof is your alcohol? The higher the alcohol content of your choice of mix-in could result in a higher-proof finished product.

Can you replace water with alcohol in cake mix?

Yes. Do not replace ALL of the water with the booze – I suggest only using 1/2 a cup of booze for a boxed cake mix. It the cake mix calls for 1.5 cups of water, use 1 cup of water and half a cup of the booze. Since over half of the alcohol/booze bakes out, you will have a drier cupcake if you substitute much more than that.

How do you add alcohol to cupcake mix?

I’m going to go right to Betty Crocker for the answer on this one – I LOVE the tip about substituting booze for the extract in a recipe! Extracts have a lot of alcohol in them normally so it would be a fair swap out. Just think of Amaretto in chocolate cake or Malibu in peach cupcakes!

When adding liquor to your baking, start with a little and work up to your taste level. Allow enough cooling time to remove the alcohol’s harsh taste. You can substitute alcohol for extracts called for in recipes if you desire. In fact, this could open up a whole new world of flavors to try!

Betty Crocker

Can cupcakes be made the night before?

Yes. We have talked about this before. Generally, the rule of thumb is that if you plan to frost and enjoy them within a couple of days you should be storing your cupcakes at room temperature. If you do not plan to frost or enjoy them within a couple of days then it’s best to freeze them. You can learn more about Batch Baking During the Winter Months in my other post if you want to, but batch baking and freezing are some of my trade secrets. Rarely would I pop them in the fridge – the constantly circulating air dries them out too much.

Can I sell alcohol infused cupcakes?

This is challenging as many people are selling baked goods, that they make from home, thanks to the cottage laws. Are you planning on buying the alcohol in bulk? You may need a special license or permit to be able to buy wholesale.

Are you using it as an INGREDIENT? You should be OK. That is if your booze is mixed into the batter and then baked. If you are planning on going the pipette route? You are considered to be selling alcohol and need the liquor license from your state.

The Foodpreneur Institute has this to say:

All you lovely bakers who want to stick a miniature bottle of liqueur or other alcoholic beverage in the top of a cupcake or other food product, beware! Follow your state law. Not sure about the size of the miniatures? They are the 50 ml bottles often used as gifts, samples, or for promotional purposes. But this requirement is for all alcoholic beverages.

Are you planning to sell on Facebook Marketplace? It is a hard “no” on the Facebook Terms of Service. Sweet Fest did the research for us.

According to CNN, a spokeswoman from Facebook explained that “the new policy will prohibit all private sales, trades, transfers and gifting of alcohol and tobacco products on Facebook and Instagram…Any brands that post content related to the sale or transfer of these products will have to restrict that content to adults 18 or older.”

So, if you DO plan to make boozy margarita cupcakes and more for a profit, make sure you are checking with all of your local regulations to prevent the added expense of unwanted fines or fees.

Boozy Margarita Cupcakes and More

  • Champagne Cupcakes

The champagne cupcakes are easy to make and the champagne frosting makes them truly irresistible.

Get your recipe of champagne cupcakes here

  • Bourbon Eggnog Cakes

You might think that the recipe is for a dense cake but when you mix eggnog, you get fluffy and delicious cupcakes.

Get your recipe of Bourbon Eggnog Cakes here

  • Margarita Cupcakes

These boozy margarita cupcakes are delicious and soft. These cakes have a fresh lime flavor, and the tequila lime frosting makes it a popular choice for desserts.

Get your recipe of Margarita Cupcakes here

  • Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

The Guinness cupcakes can be cooked any time of the year and the chocolate flavor in them is moist and intense. Many people prefer to make this recipe for St Patrick’s Day.

Get your recipe of Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes here

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes Bourbon Frosting

The hazelnut cupcakes have a rich chocolate taste, and they are topped with bourbon meringue frosting that makes them hard to resist.

Get your recipe of Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes with Bourbon Frosting here

  • Chocolate Stout Pretzel Cupcakes

The chocolate stout pretzel cupcakes are easy to prepare and is an immensely popular decadent treat.

Get your recipe of Chocolate Stout Pretzel Cupcakes here

  • Mexican Fiesta Margarita Cupcakes

The margarita cupcakes are vanilla cakes infused with tequila and lime and topped with a tequila-infused buttercream frosting.

Get your recipe of Mexican Fiesta Margarita Cupcakes here

  • Boozy Oreo Cupcakes

The boozy Oreo cupcakes are a perfect after-dinner treat. These are basically chocolate cupcakes that have a rich flavor of coffee and vanilla-cream ale and topped with Oreo frosting.

Get your recipe of Boozy Oreo Cupcakes here

  • Vanilla Bourbon Bacon Cupcakes

The bourbon vanilla cupcakes are easy to prepare and they are an instant hit with everybody. The surprise bacon topping makes it extra delicious.

Get your recipe of Vanilla Bourbon Bacon Cupcakes here

  •  Mulled Red Wine Chocolate Cupcakes

These chocolate cupcakes are small but sweet to taste and made with red wine. The topping of orange ganache frosting is an exciting flavor combination that imparts a delicious taste to the cupcakes.

Get your recipe of Mulled Red Wine Chocolate Cupcakes here

  •  Coconut Margarita Cocktail and Cupcake

If you like coconut and margaritas, then you will have to try this cupcake which combines the flavor of the two with the help of coconut tequila. The cakes taste awesome and give out a great smell too!

Get your recipe of Coconut Margarita Cocktail and Cupcake here

  •  Classic Daiquiri Cocktail and Daiquiri Cupcakes

The lime cocktail-inspired cupcakes are a great way to kick off the summer months. The recipe can be used in any celebration.

Get your recipe of Classic Daiquiri Cocktail and Daiquiri Cupcakes here

  •  Champagne Cupcake Recipe

These champagne cupcakes are moist and have a superb champagne flavor. It is a perfect treat for any special occasion or any adult party.

Get your recipe of Champagne Cupcake here

  •  Chocolate Champagne Cupcakes

The chocolate champagne cupcakes are great for any occasion. These classic cupcakes have a hint of champagne in each which makes them unique and extraordinary in taste.

Get your recipe of Chocolate Champagne Cupcakes here

  •  Gin and Tonic Cupcakes

The gin and tonic cupcakes are soft and delicious. The gin and tonic buttercream frosting make it look so delicious. No wonder, it is regarded as a perfect boozy treat for parties.

Get your recipe of Gin and Tonic Cupcakes here

  •  Irish Cream Tiramisu Cupcakes

The Irish cream tiramisu cupcake is a perfect treat for St Patrick’s Day. The Irish cream is loved by all adults as it has a delicious and mild flavor.

Get your recipe of Irish Cream Tiramisu Cupcakes here

  •  Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

The chocolate stout cupcakes can be enjoyed on St Patrick’s Day. The best part of this recipe is that they can be made in advance and stored in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to a day ahead.

Get your recipe of Chocolate Stout Cupcakes here

  •  Baileys Red Velvet Cupcakes

The red velvet sponge cake has a creamy cheesecake center topped with Bailey’s frosting. It tastes delicious and a popular mouth-watering treat for adults.

Get your recipe of Baileys Red Velvet Cupcakes here

  •  Bourbon Chocolate Cupcakes

These cupcakes are soft and delicious that has a hint of bourbon and loads of chocolate flavors. You can make this dessert on Father’s Day and surprise him.

Get your recipe of Bourbon Chocolate Cupcakes here

  •  Brown Butter-Pumpkin Cupcakes

This is for you, bourbon lovers. These perfectly spiced, tender pumpkin cupcakes come with a rich bourbon caramel filling and frosting that are absolutely divine.

Get your recipe of Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes here

  •  Margarita Cupcakes

Fluffy lime cupcakes topped with a rich tequila lime buttercream. If you like boozy margarita cupcakes, you will love these cupcakes!

Get your recipe of Margarita Cupcakes here

  •  Fireball Cupcakes

Boozy chocolate cinnamon cupcakes topped with a fluffy Fireball buttercream. If you like Fireball, you’ve got to try these cupcakes!

Get your recipe of Fireball Cupcakes here

  •  Crown Royal Butter Pecan Cupcakes

 A Butter Pecan cupcake made with Crown Royal? Yes, indeed! And you’re going to love it!

Get your recipe of Crown Royal Butter Pecan Cupcakes here

  •  Guinness Cupcakes with Sweet Cream Chocolate Frosting

These cupcakes are so decadent and delicious! Featuring Guinness Stout in the cupcakes, they’re topped with chocolate buttercream frosting. We added a St Patrick’s Day topper, but these are great for any day of the year!

Get your recipe of Guinness Cupcakes with Sweet Cream Chocolate Frosting here

  •  Boozy Strawberry Cupcakes

The boozy strawberry cupcakes are super easy to make and they taste delicious. Bets enjoyed in the summer months, these cupcakes taste much better than the plain old cupcakes.

Get your recipe of Boozy Strawberry Cupcakes here

  •  Boozy Andes Mint Cupcakes

 The Andes Mint cupcakes are a perfect addition to any party. They look so bright and fun.

Get your recipe of Boozy Andes Mint Cupcakes here

  •  Strawberry Margarita Cupcake with Liquor Recipe

 These Strawberry Boozy Margarita Cupcakes with Liquor recipe is so easy to make. The perfect treats for Cinco de Mayo!

Get your recipe of Strawberry Margarita Cupcake with Liquor Recipe here

  •  Bourbon Spice Cupcakes

Bourbon Spice Cupcakes topped with vanilla bourbon buttercream are moist, decadent, and deliciously indulgent. These bourbon cupcakes are a perfect way to enjoy dessert and bourbon cocktail, all in one.

Get your recipe of Bourbon Spice Cupcakes here

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27 of the Best Cupcake Tin Recipes

25 of the Best Cupcake Tin Recipes? I know – we talk about cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes here – after all, it is a site called a Monkey On A Cupcake, LOL! I know that realistically, your cupcake tins aren’t being used 100% of the time for constantly baking cupcakes.

My momma used to say: “Don’t buy it unless you can think of at least 5 ways to use it.” Good advice, right? Soooo, that is what I am doing for you today: giving you more than 5 uses for that cupcake tin!

27 of the Best Cupcake Tin Recipes

Is there a difference between a muffin tin and a cupcake tin?

No. They are one and the same. Some brands list them as muffin tins, some brands list them as cupcake tins. The only real difference between baking the two is the fact that muffins are usually in a lightly greased or sprayed tin, without the liner. Cupcakes always have liners. That’s it – the big difference! However, follow the instructions on each of the following cupcake tin recipes to see what is needed.

Should I spray a nonstick muffin pan?

(sigh). Yes. Even though it is sold as a “nonstick” muffin pan, it tends to stick. If you are making muffins, lightly grease or spray. LIGHTLY, and you will never have a problem. For some reason? NordicWare is the worst offender in my pan stash – especially their fun shaped pans. Again, follow the instructions of each of the cupcake tin recipes below to see if you need to spray it or not.

Muffin Tin Recipes for Breakfast

The average muffin or cupcake tin has a well that is 3.5 ounces. That makes for perfect portion control for littles or adults. Give them one or two, respectively and you are all set. Keep in mind that the average Grade A large egg is 2 ounces – for a whopping 9-10 grams of protein! These are a few fun ideas past the basic baked mini omelette.

  • Pumpkin French Toast Cups

The pumpkin French toast cups are the best way to use your leftover bread. It tastes sweet and quite easy to prepare.

Get your recipe of Pumpkin French Toast Cups here

  • Cinnamon Sugar Cruffins

The cinnamon sugar cruffins are basically sweet croissant muffins. They are flaky and taste absolutely delicious.

Get your recipe of Cinnamon Sugar Cruffins here

Savory Muffin Tin Recipes

Sometimes you need something that is NOT sweet. These can be used as appetizers, lunch box fillers, or even a dinner – but done up all fancy!

  • 4 Cheese Macaroni & Cheese Bites

The Four-Cheese Macaroni & Cheese Bites are usually eaten cold or taken on picnics. If you had been looking for small treats, then you will love making these as they are delicious.

Get your recipe of Four-Cheese Macaroni & Cheese Bites here

  • Southwest Chicken Wonton Cups

This low-fat gem is both tasty and pretty darn easy to make!

Get your recipe of Southwest Chicken Wonton Cups here.

  • Elegant Shrimp Avocado Wonton Appetizers

This is perfect to “wow” your guests while making you look like the next Martha Stewart.

Get your recipe of Elegant Shrimp Avocado Wonton Appetizers here.

Muffin Tin Recipes that are Desserts

I know there are tons of muffin pan uses, everything from sensory bins for kids to baking mini meatloaves. Let’s face it – we are all thinking of desserts. You know the difference between the word desert (air-dry landform) and desserts (sweet and tasty goodness)? Desserts have (2) of the letter S – because we always want more of the dessert! Let’s get to them!


Tarts are kind of a fancy way of saying pie. OK, not really. Tarts and pies are VERY similar, but tarts ONLY have a bottom crust, and it tends to be thicker than what a pie crust is.

My favorite family memory here, was visiting my great Aunt Fern’s chicken farm in southern Illinois. She made individual tarts for all of us for dessert that night and pop was being his usual goofy self and asked for seconds. They have family fun banter back and forth and she ended with “You calling me cheap? I gave you a whole pie!” Bless that woman’s soul – I am sure she is keeping God very busy in heaven.

  • Mini Fruit Tartlets

The mini fruit tartlets are a simple way to satisfy your sweet tooth and these delicacies would not add any extra kilos!

Get your recipe of Mini Fruit Tartlets here

  • Raspberry Linzer Tartlets

A variation of the classic linzer torte, this one has a delicious base of layers of chocolate and raspberries with raspberry jam.

Get your recipe of Raspberry Linzer Tartlets here

  • No Bake Blueberry Lemon Mini Tarts

A perfect summer treat, the blueberry lemon mini tarts taste great with the blueberry filling.

Get your recipe of No Bake Blueberry Lemon Mini Tarts here

  • Mini Lime Tartlets with Macaroon Crust

A bite-sized spin on a traditional key lime pie! These sweet, and creamy treats have a refreshing tropical taste with a crispy yet chewy coconut macaroon crust that contrasts perfectly with the citrusy custard filling.

Get your recipe of Mini Lime Tartlets with Macaroon crust here

  • Butter Tarts

These are basically sweet and small pastries that are filled with a semi-solid syrup and have a gooey taste.

Get your recipe of Butter Tarts here


These will have a thinner crust, or actually a top crust!

Cupcake Tin Recipes mini apple pies
  • Amazing Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

OK – these are pie-LIKE so I put them in here. The pumpkin pie cupcakes are very small cupcakes that can be eaten at one go! It is a great cupcake recipe for the Fall and Thanksgiving celebrations.

Get your recipe of Amazing Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes here

  • Lemon Mini Pies

The lemon mini pies are buttery and shaped as single-sized portions. These are filled with delicious lemon curd.

Get your recipe of Lemon Mini Pies here

  • Puff Pastry Apple Pies

 Individual puff pastry apple pies, flaky, sweet, and utterly delicious. You can bake them in a muffin tin or make apple puff pastry squares.

Get your recipe of Puff Pastry Apple Pies here

  • Apple and Blackberry Crumble Filo Pastry Pies

The filo pastry combined with apple and blackberries taste very delicious and is quite healthy as it has only around 250 calories!

Get your recipe of Apple and Blackberry Crumble Filo Pastry Pies here

  • Mini Apple Caramel Pies

The recipe is a delicious combination of apple pie and caramel-dipped apples that comes in an easy-to-eat package.

Get your recipe of Mini Apple Caramel Pies here


Mini cheesecakes are all the rage right now and we round a few amazing ones to share with you!

Cupcake Tin Recipes snickers cheesecakes
  • Mini Cheesecakes

The recipe makes perfect mini cheesecakes and they are available in any flavor you desire.

Get your recipe of Mini Cheesecakes here

  • Mini Snickers Cheesecakes

These bite-sized Oreo crusted vanilla cheesecakes are loaded with chunks of Snickers and topped with chocolate ganache, caramel, and even more Snickers for an indulgent treat.

Get your recipe of Mini Snickers Cheesecakes here

  • Apple Pie Mini Cheesecake Bites

Smooth and creamy cheesecake topped with tart apples. This handheld cheesecake is ready in under 30 minutes, so easy!

Get your recipe of Apple Pie Mini Cheesecake Bites here

  • Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Silky smooth pumpkin cheesecake nestled inside a spicy gingersnap crust. All the flavor of fall in the palm of your hand!

Get your recipe of Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes here


My husband is the original cookie monster – just in case you were curious. These are fun cookie or cookie-style treats you can make from your cupcake tin.

Cupcake Tin Recipes banana muffin cups
  • Almond Orange Mini Gâteaux Bretons

These mini versions of butter flavored French cakes are scented with orange and almond blossoms.

Get your recipe of Almond Orange Mini Gateaux Bretons here

  • Banana Cream Cookie

Banana cream cookie cups are easy to make in cupcake tins using sugar cookie dough and banana pudding mix.

Get your recipe of Banana Cream Cookie here

  • Birthday Cookie Chocolate Pudding Cups

If you are a big fan of chocolates then you should love these chocolate pudding cup recipes. It is easy to prepare and does not take much time.

Get your recipe of Birthday Cookie Chocolate Pudding Cups here

  • Smores Cookie Cups

Everyone’s favorite bonfire snack turned into dessert! These cookies are filled with layers of graham cracker cookie dough, chocolate, and marshmallow fluff.

Get your recipe of Smores Cookie Cups here

  • Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

These homemade peanut butter cups are dark chocolate and much more healthy (and tasty!) than store-bought.

Get your recipe of Homemade Peanut Butter Cups here


Just a few things here that didn’t really fit above – but I had to include them!

  • Apricot Upside Down Cakes

With a double dose of apricot, these delicious cakes are a flavorful twist on the traditional pineapple version.

Get your recipe of Apricot Upside Down Cakes here

  • Baileys Brownie Bites

The Baileys brownie bites have a chocolatey essence and they bake real fast.

Get your recipe of Baileys Brownie Bites here

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

It is a rich and moist cake that is dipped in a sticky sauce. It is usually served warm accompanied by a dollop of vanilla ice-cream.

Get your recipe of Sticky Toffee Pudding here

Do you have a favorite cupcake tin recipe? Please share!

Like our Cupcake Tin Recipes Article? Try these recipes:

Homemade Hostess Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

Homemade Hostess Cupcakes are not only a little better for you, but kind of fun to make. They are incredibly easy to customize them for your Valentine and so tasty that your eyes literally roll back into your head when they cross your lips.

homemade hostess cupcakes article cover image of finished cupcakes

The subtle hint of coffee balances wonderfully with the buttermilk and makes for a truly decadent and rich texture to treat yourself.

Homemade Hostess Cupcakes

You will need:

  • 2 C sugar
  • 1 ¾ C flour
  • ¾ C cocoa powder
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 C buttermilk
  • 1 C fresh brewed coffee
  • ½ C canola oil
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • cupcake linkers
  • Muffin tin


Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a cupcake pan with cupcake liners. Using a large bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients. Beat in buttermilk, coffee, oil, eggs, and vanilla until combined – but don’t over beat. You will incorporate too much air into them and have hollow tunnels in your final baked product. Scoop batter into cupcake liners and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Allow the homemade hostess cupcakes to cool completely. Then cut a little cone out of the center of each chocoalte cupcake.

For the Whipped cream filling you will need:


  • 2 TBSP cold water
  • 1 ¼ tsp unflavored gelatin
  • 1 ½ C chilled heavy whipping cream
  • ¾ C powdered sugar
  • 2 disposable piping bags, one fitted with a number 2 tip


Using a small bowl, add the cold water. Sprinkle the gelatin over the cold water and allow to set for 10 minutes.

Using a small pot, add about ½ C water and place over medium to high heat. Place the gelatin bowl over the pot. Once stir until the gelatin is melted.

Using a standing mixer, beat the heavy whipping cream and powdered
sugar until soft peaks form. Beat in the gelatin mixture until stiff peaks have formed. Scoop some of the whipped cream batter into the piping bags. Poke into and pipe cream into the centers of the cupcakes.

For the Chocolate Ganache You Will Need:

  • 1 C semi sweet chocolate chips
  • ½ C heavy whipping cream
  • 1 Disposable piping bag


Using a small pot, heat up the heavy whipping cream over medium to high heat until slightly simmering. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate chips in a heatproof bowl. Allow to sit for 1 minute before whisking until smooth.

Homemade Hostess Cupcakes Decorating

Dip the cupcakes into the chocolate ganache. Allow to harden for a few minutes

Using the filling with the tip, pipe out the words “Love” in cursive
onto the top of the cupcakes as well as the traditional squiggle.

homemade Hostesss cupcakes for valentine's day

Other copycat type recipes we love:

Cupcake Games For True Addicts

Cupcake Games are a perfect way for you to indulge in your passion for these mini treats without actually adding to your waist-line. Cupcakes are a part of everyone’s favorite snack and dessert treat, so it is no surprise when kids indulge in the endless fun and excitement that comes with preparing them. There are so many fabulous games to choose from when encouraging your kids to love the kitchen and want to be excited each time there’s a call. You can let them choose from the many different character-themed cupcake games as well as the ones with features to make the experience more productive. Have boys who don’t wanna have the “girl-made” kitchen, let them compete with each other in cupcake wars to become master chefs on who can win the hearts of the judges.

These cupcake games are a learning experience for your kids as it provides knowledge on how to be productive in the kitchen as well as take part in what they love most. The features of the games are naturally harmless, and they are all designed with your kids’ protection in mind. The games are easy to play and have different levels to grow and expand on their skills, cognitive ability, and attention span. We have highlighted three of the most exciting and proactive cupcake games your kids (and you who are young at heart) will love!

Cupcake Games For True Addicts

High Heel Cupcake Maker Bakery

Who said fashion shouldn’t be a part of the kitchen? Well, no longer are the aprons, shoes, and utensils the only thing needed to have a touch of elegance, but also the food that we prepare and love so much. It brings excitement and joy to the kitchen space, especially when your kids are involved in the whole preparation process. But how is this done? Of course, through the High Heel Cupcake Maker Bakery game. It is a fun activity that will surely keep your child occupied for a long time and in the process, teach them a lot of cool tricks and tips they will need in real life. This game is a diverse and flexible one that allows your girls to be the sole chef and manager in their space and create delicious-looking cupcakes they will be eager to try during the summer or even Christmas holidays.

To make these fantastic high heel cupcakes, you will need your creative thinking and skills to make it right. It has a little touch of makeup to it, so it has girls power written all over it. The pirouette cookies and egg wafer cones will be perfect in making the heels and curves of the shoes. Then for the curves, the chocolate wafer cookie will be used for making the carves and arcs of the shoe delicacy.

cupcake games illustrated cupcakes image

There are a wide variety of flavors to choose from to satisfy and tantalize your taste buds. Making fashion desserts are not as complicated as many persons see it, and the tasty and colorful muffins and tools of the game will leave your child feeling proud and complete at the greatness they have accomplished. In addition to the finished product, let them sprinkle with glitter, frosting, and accessorize with rainbow candies and other carnival-style food decorations. This game also allows for the creation of ice cream cupcake shoes and other cosmetic-inspired cupcakes.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Bakery

Everyone loves a little ice cream now and again in addition to some beautiful cupcakes to make the perfect dessert. So with this great love for such delicacies, the fantastic Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Bakery was invented to have all the budding chefs make their skills stronger and more extravagant. This game creates for a creative DIY experience…having fun while learning some great ideas to take to your physical kitchen. This game makes for a unicorn-style ice cream cupcake creation setting where it features fun activities and tools to keep the little ones occupied for hours on end. Step away from the traditional cupcakes laying in paper cups and try for cones. More attractive and tantalizing to the taste buds.

The color-coded game is more than enough to excite in addition to the many different accessories to be added, including the sprinkles, swirling frosting droplets, and so much more. Lover of a fairytale-style environment? Then this is perfect to compliment! Let them bake away, and you will have no worries for this festive season as they will be eager and enthusiastic about being in the kitchen to help.

Princess Cupcake Maker

This princess-themed game is perfect for your little girls seeing it has the princess features and the many different colors to enhance its overall experience. The combination of a palace setting with love for cooking will make the playing of this game much more exciting and enjoyable. With a combination of rainbow colors and fascinating decoration elements, they get to serve up the princess with their unique style and flavors. We all know princesses love tea parties and cocktail gatherings, so serving up your delicious cupcakes will make them feel special.

The Princess Cupcake Maker also features its kitchen in a magical-style baking salon with an exquisite and enchanted feeling. With four princesses and a busy schedule of parties, your hands and creative imagination will never be limited. This game allows for adventure and significant exposure to what unique desserts kids can make in a real-life kitchen. The eagerness in wanting to help when it’s baking time is also an attribute they gain from playing this enjoyable game. Be the caterer for all the events planned at the palace, so it is up to you to satisfy all the hungry taste buds of the special guest invited by the royal family. Present the desserts in style so they can dine in class! 

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Cupcakes VS Cakes: The Great Debate

Cupcakes vs Cakes. People are stepping away from the conventional ways of adding pastries and dessert to their events by going for what looks more attractive and create more excitement. A lot of persons are also opting for a more straightforward way, especially when it comes to wedding cakes. Convenience, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and so much more are the benefits of going for cupcakes over the norm.

The Great Debate article cover image

Cupcakes VS Cakes: The Great Debate

Cakes and cupcakes, whichever you take it are a great dessert that will suit your sweet tooth. They are made with many different ingredients and flavors and are served up at many various events and functions. But when it comes to cakes and cupcakes, there are noticeable differences, and you determine how you fit both into your diet. We have assessed the likes of both pastries, and we have a little fun fact for you.

Cupcakes VS Cakes: Flexible Displays

When you have cakes and cupcakes to serve up, you will realize they create a beautiful array of sumptuous delicacies. However, for sure, we would agree that cupcakes may create a more fun experience in the display. You can create various tabletop designs with the cupcakes as well as create high-rising decorations like fountains and more. Also, they make fantastic side pieces that compliment the setting well, even on the larger cakes themselves.

Also, for weddings or parties, you can substitute for a cupcake fountain-layered cake with an array and assortment of different sizes, colors, and flavors. Change the way traditional pastries are displayed by going for cupcakes over whole cakes.

Cupcakes VS Cakes: The Great Debate blue cake

Cupcakes VS Cakes: Easier to Serve

Cupcakes are more flexible when it comes on to serve at a party or special event. They reduce the time to prepare for individual serving in terms of cutting and placing in a paper towel or plate while cupcakes deliver fresh from the oven. It is pretty cost-effective as many pastry outlets charge for time and service in cutting up and storing in boxes for serving. Also, there is the chance of saving time as the cutting up can be time-consuming, and there is less inconvenience to be experienced.

Cupcakes vs Cakes: Various Flavors In One Serving

Cupcakes are much better than whole cakes because there is the possibility of multiple flavors in one serving. This feature will allow your taste buds to experience a touch of diversity as each fountain can host up to 50 or more different flavors. Also, with cupcakes, you are catering for all guests who may have a different flavor need.

Cupcakes VS Cakes: The Great cupcakes

Cupcakes vs Cakes: Easy To Transport

Traveling with a whole cake can leave you tired and stressed if you are not careful because it tends to get crushed, squeezed, or take up much-needed space. Having to travel with a whole cake in a box, you either have to carry in hand or have a unique ride, which is a significant inconvenience for travelers. Layered cakes are not the most natural things to travel with, especially over long distances (every pastry chef can tell you the nightmares of this!). 

However, when it comes to cupcakes, it simplifies the way you transport it as the cups can easily be stored in a box without having to monitor every other second. When packed for transporting, each box may place atop each other without squeezing (as they are lightweight). Also, even if you pack side by side, they don’t slide easily.

Cupcakes vs Cakes: Cost-effectiveness

Have you ever thought about the fact that cupcakes could be a lot cheaper than traditional whole cakes? Many people always believe a whole cake may work better as they can cut into pieces that suit best. However, When you choose cupcakes, bear in mind, there are several different cup sizes, so based on the function you are hosting, you buy accordingly. Besides, cupcakes take fewer ingredients, and you can get a serving for everyone from the better you mix.

Cupcakes VS Cakes: The Great Debate sliced open cake

So, the next time you have a significant event to plan, maybe going cupcakes will help you a whole lot. Having a lot of guests at the party? Then you may want to ditch tradition with the cake and go for something more affordable.

Cupcakes vs Cakes: Adequate Serving

Evenly cut cakes are not always the case, and the batter may not be a part of an evenly distributed thing to have equal amounts in each serving. However, when it comes to cupcakes, you can easily monitor what quantity serving each guest would want to have. Many people are now watching their diet, the cupcakes create a flexible serving for everyone at the event. The cake may have 100 percent of all ingredients, so guests have no choice when selecting. Cupcakes can vary in ingredients, however, to satisfy the content proportion that each person seeks.

Cupcakes vs Cakes: Ability To Personalize

You can personalize a whole cake for sure, but it doesn’t give way for multiple personalizations to enthuse everyone at the party. Cupcakes make the perfect way for that as each makes way for everyone to have a connection like no other. Do you plan to go nuts with your cupcakes and have each person have their flavor and style? Why not use initials to let who knows what belongs to them. It sounds like fun, right?!

Cupcakes VS Cakes: The Great Debate pink peal dusted cupcakes

There are no rules that say one must go for cakes or cupcakes but are instead a freedom of choice in what suits you best. You decide how you wish to bring a touch of class and elegance to your event, especially at the pastry table. Cakes give credit to tradition, while cupcakes create the avenue for something new and different. But you ought to know what you want, so go for what satisfies your creativity and enthusiasm.