Red Velvet Bloody Cupcakes

It’s almost my favorite season — I love fall and Christmas! These Red Velvet Bloody Cupcakes are the perfect “scary” treat to entice your friends with and they really aren’t that hard to make! How to make Bloody Cupcakes There are red velvet cake mixes, or recipes out there that just tell you to add a ton of red food […]

The Most Fabulous Red Velvet Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Today I am combining two of my favorite things – red velvet cupcakes and Mickey Mouse cupcakes for the most awesome Fabulous Red Velvet Mickey Mouse Cupcakes that uses Oreo Cookies for the ears. Now yes, this recipe is from scratch and set up to make a smaller batch – as we see smaller groups from COVID-19 issues right now. […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

I’ll be honest, I once thought red velvet cake was simply chocolate cake that they put red food coloring in. I just didn’t “get” what was so special about it. Then I tried it. REAL red velvet is fantastic, and very different than what I had tried at the local bakery that claimed to be red velvet. That is why […]

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