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Cookie Mix Cupcakes Everyone Will Love To Make

Cookie Mix Cupcakes Everyone Will Love To Make

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Cookie Mix Cupcakes? Whoever said they don’t love cookies or cupcakes must have had an experience that left them traumatized more than satisfied. The variety that one can get when it comes to these two sweet treats is endless, and the best part about the whole thing is that you can get creative with your baking.

how to make Cookie Mix Cupcakes

There is no rule in the book that says all cupcakes and cookies must be baked with the same ingredients and in the same fashion. Besides, the best part is that you can alternate the mixes to create a more flavorful outcome. Many people are of the perception that cookie mix cannot be used to make cupcakes based on the ingredients involved and the process of mixing the batter.

Cookie Mix Cupcakes Everyone Will Love

But, when baking is your passion, there are no “bad baking choices” as everything is seen as a form of experiment. In this pandemic, let’s say, get creative and get them involved with the kids around!

Can Cookie Mix Be Used For Cupcakes?

This is a question many people tend to ask especially if they have a box of cookie mix at home and would like to see if they could get a cake instead. The idea of cookie mix cupcakes just intrigues people. If you ask us, anything is possible, and you better believe though it seems impossible, it could be done with a specific approach.

Cookie batter and that of cakes are completely different as the cookie is thick and denser while the cake features a more liquid form. On the whole, the process will be a little technical, but with some professional help, you will get the results you need.

The thing with cookie dough is that the leavening ingredient is relatively low, so to make the batter cake-form, you would need a lot more baking powder or baking soda (the right measuring you would have to estimate based on the amount of batter), more eggs would be needed, a lot more liquid and other major ingredients would be needed. Once you can get the job done the right way, your cake will come out as you desire.

What Is The Difference Between Cake Mix And Cookie Mix?  

When it comes to cookie dough and cake batter, they have many things in common related to the ingredients and how it is prepared – baking! However, there are significant differences you have to be mindful of when it comes to the two mixtures, such as the cookie being a dense mixture while the cake is much thinner. You may also need to be aware of…

The amount of liquid

This is important when looking at making cookie mix cupcakes. For the cookie dough, the amount of liquid is scarce compared to the high amounts added to the cake mix. Whether you are using water or milk, the proportion is relatively high in a cake as this is what helps to bind the other ingredients together.

The excess liquid allows for bubbles to form easily in the batter and is basically responsible for the fluffiness that comes with cakes. The binding element comes in fat for the cookie batter – the eggs, oils, or lard – which is heavier and thicker than water. The cake batter is poured into a baking pan or tray due to its thinness while the cookie is scoped and dropped on a tray or might be spread.


Leavening causes a batter or dough to expand, so depending on the amount you put in your mixture, it will either rise a little or significantly. The rising ingredients may come in the form of yeast, baking soda, or baking powder. Cookie dough uses a small proportion, while cakes use up to 10 times or more of that amount.

Ingredients Ratio

Cookie mix cupcakes have a difference issue: Obviously, the ingredients for both cookies and cake will differ. For cookies, you may notice 3 parts flour, 2 parts fat, and 1 part sugar, while in cakes, it is generally 2 parts flour and liquid alike, and one part each for an egg, sugar, and fat.

As for the baking powder, you may be required to add an estimated 1 teaspoon to every cup of flour. When you set out to bake, it is easier to use baking flour as it is much lighter, while all-purpose flour is perfect for your cookie dough.

Are Cookies Healthier Than Cake?

We knew this would definitely make it on the list because, in a time like this, everyone is trying to live a healthier life that will boost their immune system. Whether it be less sugar and more grains and vegetables or some other healthy choice – we really don’t have an issue with this.

The question still stands tall as to which is better in terms of a healthy choice – cake or cookie? Well, we will certainly say both can get as healthy as they need to be because you can alternate select ingredients with whole grains and more. Starting from the mixture base, you can opt for whole wheat flour over white flour and use honey as the sweetener compared to raw sugar.

Yes, we understand the fat ingredients play a heavy role, but you could substitute for healthier versions with other benefits for the body. We know the cake has more sugar, but you can alter all ingredients to get the desired taste you want.

What Can I Add To Cupcakes To Make Them Moist?

There are many ways you can get your cupcakes moist without having to source any other ingredients than those you have at home. The next time you set out to bake, you may want to alter some of the ingredients in the form of…

  • Using oil instead of butter (Canola or Olive oil works well!)
  • Adding a little pudding mix as this helps to bring out a more flexible batter.
  • Using cake flour instead of all-purpose. Cake flour is generally lighter than all-purpose flour and does not leave that heavy feeling in the batter.
  • Adding a little yogurt. Yes, they will never know if you don’t say, but there’s no need to worry as it doesn’t change the taste of your cake.
  • Using a little Applesauce. This helps to bring the moisture to your batter, but it will also lift the flavor and taste. 

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