The Detailed History Of Cupcakes

History Of Cupcakes? We all love our cupcakes and would never past on an opportunity to enjoy one of those delicacies. They have different names in varying countries; in England, they are Fairy Cakes, in Australia, Patty Cake, or in Hiberno-English as Bun. Cupcakes are seen as small cakes, which include almost the same ingredients as most cakes but just baked in smaller pans or pockets. They may also have decorations to add sprinkles, fruits, or candy. But where did cupcakes originate?

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The Detailed History Of Cupcakes

The Root of Cupcakes

Based on history, the first recorded baking of a cupcake occurred in 1796 when the instructions (in a recipe) were given to baking a “light cake in small cups”. Amelia Simmons, an American Cook, wrote this recipe. Though it wasn’t given the name we now know as cupcake until around 1828 in a cookbook by Eliza Leslie, it had the same guide in preparation. History has it that the cakes were baked in small separate tins such as ramekins, pottery cups, and molds. They were given the name of the containers they were baked in at the time and, most times, varied in size. English tradition has most cupcakes being smaller than the average cupcakes in the US and has fewer toppings than most of those we see today.

There was also another method of preparing “cupcake,” which saw the ingredients measured by cups instead of being weighed. This procedure was the reason why it got its name in those regions. The ingredients were measured in standard-sized cups and could also bake in oven cups. However, more persons used the custom tins to bake as loves and layers. These cupcakes had four ingredients, and after many persons got to baking, they called them “1234 cakes or quarter cakes”. The main ingredients at the time were one cup of flour, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, and four eggs. They came out as plain yellow cakes, which were rather cost-effective because of the general ingredients used.

Baking A Cupcake

One of the first steps to baking a cupcake is to gather all the ingredients and tools which you will use. The ingredients and tools you collect are all based on a particular recipe you may have chosen. Interesting enough, all cupcakes have a general list of ingredients that must be used to get the perfect results you are looking for to include eggs, flour, sugar, and butter. You may add other ingredients as you choose to add flavors such as raisins, nuts, berries, and chocolate chips.

History of Cupcakes

Cupcakes take a shorter time to bake than average size cakes because of their size and what they are generally baked in. Also, the layer place in each muffin tin rises during the baking process because of the carbon dioxide mixed with the ingredients. It, however, falls a little after leaving the oven because of the leavening gases. These days, most cupcakes are decorated with frosting and other edible decorations. These ingredients are a form of making the cupcakes attractive and add additional flavor to the base taste. Most bakers often use a spoon or spatula to pierce a hole in the top center of the cupcake order to add a filling or can be combined with a syringe. Based on the occasion it is made for, they may even be a little elaborate.

History of Cupcakes : Baking Pans

In recent times, there have been so many upgrades in the way people bake cupcakes compared to how they used to be. Even now, many bakers still use small coffee mugs, teacups, or other small oven-proof dishes to make their cupcakes to give it an original and traditional feel. Now, they have a single tray with many cupcake “holes”  or cake cups that are filled with the mixture and placed in the oven. The current baking pans are of silicone rubber, stoneware, other oven-proof material. The tray cups that measure around 3 inches let the cupcake baked with a “fluff” and rising to mostly give a soft taste.

Also, many persons use a flat tray to make their cakes but not before being lined by thin “paper cups” that contain the mixture. These liners can be easily removed from the baked product and are, of course, safe to be associated with your edible cakes. Also, the paper liners are there as many people see it as sanitary since the cupcakes may be passed from one hand to another before consumption. The liners also come in various sizes. You may also substitute the paper liners for aluminum foil, which you bake on the flat baking tray.

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Enjoying Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a perfect addition to any dessert serving at home or your special event. The cupcakes of different sizes and flavors also sell well during cake sales. Many persons prefer to go for these smaller cakes as they are much lighter and have fewer ingredients. As you bake, accessorize it with decorations to make it as tantalizing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds. You will get to take your own place in the history of cupcakes.

Cupcake Eating Contests in the US

A cupcake eating contest? Cupcakes are a sweet treat; many of us tend to eat whenever we get the chance or while we have our “cheat days” from dieting. At least once in their life, everyone has had a cupcake, probably except for those who don’t eat a particular ingredient used, or it must be an allergic reaction involved. But, let’s face it, most of us go on diets, and it can be frustrating, and we get tempted so easily in grabbing a quick bite. But nothing is wrong as we may have to do an extra 15-20 minutes in the gym to work off those extra calories (no need to tell your trainer anything!).

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Many of us try to stay away while others crave the sweet treat and would do anything to have a bite. If one can be hard to eat, imagine having up to 50 or more in just a couple of minutes? Sounds hard, right? Well, each year, various cupcake eating contests take place in the US and around the world. People take the time to visit and even participate in the yearly events, and records have shown that thousands of cupcakes are present for a single event. That’s a whole lot if you ask us! But these cupcake eating contests are annual events that people look forward to attending to relax and just have fun.

Cupcake Eating Contests in the US

The United States is known for hosting a few of these fantastic contests each year, and contestants look forward to breaking records and having their names at the top. We have researched a few of these events you can attend if you are in the area they are hosted. They include:

The Croissants Bistro & Bakery Cupcake Eating Contest

This contest is held on the 4th of July each year and is now heading into its 9th year. It is a festival which has, over the years, attracted a lot of visitors and locals alike to bask in some fantastic treats and see cake lovers take in as much as they can. The competition sees contestants being 18 years and older and enter through an invitation dubbed, “have their cake and eat it, too”. The location is a fascinating one, and the winner will be crowned champion of that year with prizes that include a trophy, medal, gift certificates, and cash prizes. However, each contestant has to register with a fee of $20.

The day is generally filled with lots of fun activities to attract visitors of all ages, celebrity performances, games, and more. For the contest, participants get 5 minutes in which they have to consume as many cupcakes as they possibly can. But it is not just about having lots of cakes, but the event is also a charitable program where proceeds from the event go to the Help 4 Kids and Backpack Buddies charity. Others can also make donations even if they are not attending the event in cash or kind.

The Isle Waterloo World Cupcake Eating Championship

This contest is another exciting feature that sees contestants working to consume as many cupcakes as they can in a short time. It is a yearly event in which many persons not only participate to get the prize but also to help the charitable cause of the event. The contest, hosted by the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo, sees celebrities and local business moguls participating just for the fun of it. In a recently concluded competition, one person devoured a total of 72 cupcakes in under six minutes. That, for sure, was a blast that year. Other participants managed to eat up to 66 cupcakes at the same time. The Isle Waterloo World Cupcake Eating Championship prepares up to and over a thousand cupcakes each year for the event, and not a single one remains at the end.

Other features of this contest include local celebrities participating in the cupcake eating contest to raise funds for a charity of their choice.

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Got Cupcakes? Bakery Contest

The Got Cupcakes? Bakery cupcake eating contest began about two years ago and has seen successes over the said period. At the first hosting, the game attracted over 20 participants in three different age groups, with winners emerging from the competition with personal records. Some managed to finish in seconds while others took a long time to consume theirs. This contest takes place in the New York area on Bedford Avenue in Bellmore Village. The competition has three age groups ranging 12 years & under, 13-16 and 17 & over. The prizes include a cash gift, movie tickets, T-shirts and gift certificates to the bakery.

There are many other cupcake eating contests on the radar for 2020, and we know participants are not giving up on downing their favorite treats while creating a record. Are you up for any of these challenges? Well, if you are, you may have to consider beating out record-holders like Patrick Bertoletti, Cookie Jarvis, and Joey Chestnut, just to name a few.

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