Shark Week Cupcakes

Shark Week Cupcakes

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Shark week is again upon us — a time to learn about the fierce and fascinating finned friends of the ocean. We hope that our Shark Week Cupcakes take a little bite out of the fear that theses creatures can bring!

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What is shark week? Shark Week originally premiered on July 17, 1988. Featured annually, in July or early August, it was originally devoted to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks. Over time, it grew in popularity and became a hit on the Discovery Channel.

The popularity of the show has led to a lot of other meanings for “shark week.” Shark week as a slang for a women’s period first appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2005. While the Urban Dictionary entry might have had misogynistic undertones, the term has since been embraced by many women who use it humorously or colloquially. If that is what you want to celebrate, make these cupcakes with a chocolate base instead of the vanilla and you will have a happy woman on your hands.

Shark Week Cupcakes


Shark Week Cupcakes

You will need:

1 box of french vanilla cake mix
3 eggs
1/2 C (1 stick) of softened unsalted sweet cream butter
1 C whole milk
1TBSP pure vanilla bean paste
cupcake pan & blue liners
Gummy shark candy
graham cracker crumbs
red food dye
light corn syrup (clear)

Preheat oven to 350 and line cupcake pan with the liners
In a medium bowl, combine the cake mix, butter, milk, and vanilla bean pasta and mix until combined
Using a medium ice cream scoop, scoop the batter into the cupcake liners and fill about 3/4 of the way full
Bake in the oven for about 21 minutes
Pull out and place on the side to cool

Frosting Ingredients

1 C unsalted sweet cream butter
3 C powder sugar
3 – 5 TBSP heavy whipping cream
1 tsp Vanilla bean paste
blue food dye

Frosting Directions:

In a standing mixer, combine the butter, powder sugar, vanilla, and the heavy whipping cream. Mix on medium speed until stiff and creamy. If you still see powdery pebbles, add in 2 more tbsp heavy whipping cream. Continue to mix until stiff and creamy. Scoop some frosting into a separate bowl and set aside.

Pour the graham crack crumbs into a small bowl. Add a few drops of the blue color. Using the butterknife, slightly mix the frosting to make “water”. Using the plain frosting, frost 1/4 of the cupcake to make it smooth and flat.

Dip the cupcake into the graham cracker crumbs

Using the knife with the “water” frosting, scoop some onto the non-frosted part of the cupcake.

Take the knife and bring it up and down to make “rough waters”

In a small cup, add 1/4 C of corn syrup and 2-3 drops of red food dye. Mix until combined. Place your shark gummy where ever you want onto the cupcake. Take a fork, dip the fork into the “blood” and splash it onto the cupcake to give a blood effect.


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