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3 Easy Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting

3 Easy Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting

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Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting? When it comes to baking, there is so much you can experiment with, whether it be what you made from scratch or what you buy from the store. The frosting is one thing when it comes to baking that everyone wishes to have, especially for their cupcakes.

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The ready-made frosting on the shelves does have its spunk, and the best part of it is that it can be customized to taste, feel, and look the way you desire.

3 Easy Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting

There comes a time when you need that frosting base to add to your cupcakes – but what can you add to make it better?

Adjusting the Taste

If you go for “unflavored frosting,” there are many things you can add to make it to the desire you want. Nothing really tastes better than cupcakes having flavored frosting, and you can experiment with a variety of pizzazz until you get the flavor you need. Not sure what the right flavors to choose from? No worries…we’ll help you…lemon!

Adding lemon to just about anything always brings out an aroma like no other. Whether you choose to add lemon extract, raw juice, or even the zest, the result will be amazing. However, you have to be mindful that if you used too much lime juice, the frosting would become thin, and you may have to add extra powdered sugar to get it thick once again.

Don’t have lemon juice? Orange could serve as a great substitute for either your vanilla or chocolate frosting. We know it works from experience and tells you the best is yet to come alive in your kitchen once you try.  

creamy or crunchy frosting additives are great Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting

Creamy or Crunchy Additives are Great Ways to Add Pizzazz to Storebought Frosting

You can choose between creamy or crunchy additives to add to your frosting, such as…

Mint Always Works

The best part about store-bought frosting is that you can complement it with some interesting tastes. Peppermint always knows how to bring out the best in everything you add to like the aroma will be lifted, and the taste has a pump with each bite you take. You can opt to decorate your pancakes with frosting, or you can use it to make a dip for those who prefer it that way.

Chocolate Lover?

Chocolate lovers know no bounds when it comes to what they can add chocolate to as there is this belief that “no choco is too much.” Well, there is another interesting way to add your favorite treat to something that will make you smile – frosting!

A lot of people may have an issue with chocolate cupcakes having frosting made with chocolate. That means nothing, and adding a touch of crunch with a few chocolate chips will provide you with a more exciting experience.

Let’s Go Nuts!

Going nuts in a good way, that is! You can easily bring life to your frosting by adding nuts, whether as peanut or nut butter or as crushed nuts. Many people do love the taste of crunch while eating, and adding a half cup or maybe a full cup depending on the amount of frosting, will help improve the frosting quality.

Adding a dab of Nutella will up the flavor and taste of the frosting as well!

Whipped frosting on purple cupcakes

You Got Whipped!

Pumping up your frosting is endless as there is so much you can add to improve taste and flavor. Ever thought of adding whipped cream to your frosting or are not sure if it will work? Well, take it from us…it tastes great!

To get the best results, mix equal parts of both (preferably slightly thawed whipped cream as the thin cream may eventually melt away and make the frosting too watery). If your frosting is sweet and you desire to tone it down, you can opt for unsweetened whipped cream.

Compliment the Frosting

You can get your store-bought frosting to have the taste you desire by getting the ingredients you want to taste their flavor. Wishing to edge closer to a buttercream taste?

That’s no problem! After sourcing the frosting, you want to use a tub of buttercream and a package of cream cheese (room temperature preferably for both) and add them to a bowl. Mix in the two major ingredients until they are evenly distributed, then add your favorite flavor boosters to it – vanilla extract, lemon, or mint. While mixing, add powdered sugar to help keep the body of the frosting.  

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