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How to Make Killer Cupcakes

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We used to cater a lot of events when I had my restaurant – every thing from funerals to weddings. One hot item – the cakes!
Cupcakes and Cake Pops are more the rage now – but here are a few quick tips to make them

1) Ignore what the box mix says.
OK, not entirely, but close. Add one more egg than it calls for, double the oil and cut back on the water to account for the extra oil + 2 ounces for the extra egg.
Still fill the cups 1/2 – 2/3 full – ALWAYS use paper liners or you will have crumble cakes instead of cup cakes.

2) Bake them LONGER but at a lower temperature.
If the box says 18-20 minutes at 350, do 25 minutes at 300.

The end result?
A much moister cupcake that has your friends and family begging for more. They are lighter, they are fluffier and A-MAZ-ING!

Now – to frost them. You DO want to top off your masterpiece, don’t you?
It is OK to use canned frosting!
I prefer the “whipped” kind and add 1+1/2 cups of powdered sugar to it – just on low in my Cuisinart.

This makes it easier to work with and hold it’s shape better if you are piping it onto your cakes/cup cakes. Think “bakery frosting” but without all the Crisco/shortening.
If you are into the new Duncan Hines “mix-ins” this is a good time to add it in. My Mom scored some on clearance at Target and grabbed a few for me as they would be “pink” for our little princess. My Mom Rocks!

Now, take that pretty frosting and pop it into a zippy bag.

Snip off a nice sized bit of a corner and you can frost in a jif!
I like to start with the outside edge, and swirl in.
Be careful not to go ALL the way to the outer edge,
It will make them harder to handle before eating.
Now, I drop them into a JUMBO sized cupcake liner for presentation.
 For these beauties, I also whipped of some white chocolate crown picks —
added after they were frosted. The finishing touch?
Some edible pearls.
 And there you have it…
Fit for a Princess!
Do you have any frosting left over?
Easy – peasy!
Simply pop it into a zippy bag, label it and toss into your freezer.
You won’t have enough for a batch of cupcakes but it can make quick treats
when sandwiched in between two graham crackers or surprise someone with an
“inside out” cupcake – by squeezing it INSIDE a cupcake instead of on top.
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