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How to Make the Best Brownie Mix Cupcakes Ever

How to Make the Best Brownie Mix Cupcakes Ever

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Brownie Mix Cupcakes? Cupcakes are a treat that no one can really resist – even when on a strict diet as it may jolly well be a part of the cheat day. They can be made from just about every type of box mix you see in the supermarkets and can be altered to suit your style and taste.

How to Make the Best Brownie Mix Cupcakes Ever

These days, people are really experimenting with cake mixes, and they do enjoy the best of it. The whole experience can be deemed fun when you get to realize the results are far better than you expected, and you and those you share with love them.

How to make the best Brownie Mix Cupcakes Ever

But in the middle of the experiment, the question many might ask…

Can You Substitute Brownie Mix For Cake Mix?

To start…we will say a resounding yes! Brownie mix and cake mix are quite similar in nature and can be used alternatively in your baking missions. Interestingly, no matter which option you choose to make your brownies, the results will be great and taste amazing.

The steps to baking with both are similar, as the only change may be in altering the ingredients to suit your style. For instance, the brownie mix may require many fats and eggs, while the general cake mix requires less. Therefore, if you only have a brownie mix lying alone but want to make a cake, your ingredients may have to be adjusted.

Many people go to the store and see the chocolate cake on the cover of the box and without reading deeper to see it is not the regular chocolate cake mix but brownie mix. But, there is no need to ponder or get confused because you have the perfect ingredient to make a savory treat.

What Ingredient Makes Brownies Cakey?

Brownies are much denser than cakes, and this is what makes them stand apart so much. However, even though the ingredients and mixing procedures are similar, the ingredient quantity differs a lot. Cakes take a lot less fat and baking powder as you don’t want the cake to be too puffy.

On the flip side, brownies take much more, and then you add in the extra fat and eggs that allow it to step away from being light to a more heavy-type texture. In addition to all these common ingredients, the flour tends to take away the cake’s moisture and leave it a tad more dry and more rigid than usual.

Most times, people are looking to have a chewy brownie, but it turns out to be the opposite, and they wonder why. Bear in mind the ingredients are added more than the ordinary cake, and most of the ingredients sap the touch of fluff the brownie would have.

How Do You Keep Brownies From Sticking To Cupcake Liners?

A baker’s worst nightmare is to mix the perfect batter, fill the cupcake liners and then realize they stick to the paper when the delicacy is baked. This can be really frustrating, and if you ask us, a lot of the cake is wasted this way too.

Those who generally bake cakes have the perfect solution that will allow you to have a clean finish when done. When it comes to aluminum tins, they are glazed with vegetable oil, melted margarine, or any other oil you have in your kitchen.

Before adding the mixture to the liners, gently spray them with non-stick spray, melted margarine, or oil. The extra moisture in the liners helps to reduce the chances of sticking.

Here is another person’s take on how to make brownie mix cupcakes – it IS do-able!

Brownie Mix Cupcakes With Chocolate Frosting

We can all agree that cupcakes are not complete until they are decorated with some amazing toppings. For brownies, one of the best is to have a sensational chocolate frosting all because – there is no such thing as too much chocolate!

After you have made the brownies and set them to cool, you may want to use a few seconds to a minute to prepare an excellent chocolate frosting to go with it. All you need is some cocoa powder, confectioners’ sugar, vanilla, heavy cream (or milk if you don’t have the cream), butter, and honey (this helps to give it some sweetness and sheen.)

Add all the ingredients to a bowl (except the cream) and use a mixer to evenly combine the mixture (do this for about 30 seconds to a minute.) After which, you will slowly add the cream or milk in the quantity that you prefer. Once done, add the frosting to the cooled cupcake or brownies, and enjoy!

How Do You Make Cupcakes Without Cupcake Liners?

Even when you have a list, you still may forget to buy something at the store as you may have it in your mind that you already picked up an item and threw it in the trolley.

The problem comes in when you reach home and realize it was only your imagination. So, what’s one of the best solutions for scenarios like this? Improvise! Nothing is as frustrating as reaching home to realize you didn’t pick up the cupcake liners, and the batter is already mixed and ready to bake.

Well, no need to panic as there are many alternative ways to solve this problem. You can try any of these options…

Grease and Flour the Cups

If you are using the metal trays, spray the cups with some cooking spray, and if you don’t have that, melt some butter and use it to grease them. Ensure both the bottom and sides are thoroughly greased.

Once done, add a small portion of flour to each cup – about half a teaspoon – and shake, so it is somewhat evenly distributed. You can then remove the excess flour by turning the pan upside down. Fill the cups about 1/2 to 3/4 ways, so it doesn’t flow over and create a mess while baking.

Parchment Paper

If you happen to have parchment paper lying around, you can use those as a substitute for the liners. Cut the papers in squares (roughly five inches in size) and add them to the cups. Ensure they are centered, then use a small glass or bottle to crease them. You can then add the batter about the same 1/2 to 3/4 ways and bake as per the instructions.

You don’t have to panic when it comes to baking these days, as there are ways to work around every situation. Who knew you could alternate both brownie and cake mix for each other and still get the delicious results you were hoping for. The process is all about being creative and taking the chance to try something new and adventurous.

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