How to Make the Best Brownie Mix Cupcakes Ever

Brownie Mix Cupcakes? Cupcakes are a treat that no one can really resist – even when on a strict diet as it may jolly well be a part of the cheat day. They can be made from just about every type of box mix you see in the supermarkets and can be altered to suit your style and taste.

Can You Substitute Brownie Mix For Cake Mix?

To start…we will say a resounding yes! Brownie mix and cake mix are quite similar in nature and can be used alternatively in your baking missions.

What Ingredient Makes Brownies Cakey?

Brownies are much denser than cakes, and this is what makes them stand apart so much. However, even though the ingredients and mixing procedures are similar, the ingredient quantity differs a lot

How Do You Keep Brownies From Sticking To Cupcake Liners?

Before adding the mixture to the liners, gently spray them with non-stick spray, melted margarine, or oil. The extra moisture in the liners helps to reduce the chances of sticking.

Brownie Mix Cupcakes With Chocolate Frosting

All you need is some cocoa powder, confectioners’ sugar, vanilla, heavy cream (or milk if you don’t have the cream), butter, and honey (this helps to give it some sweetness and sheen.)

How Do You Make Cupcakes Without Cupcake Liners?


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