Cookie Mix Cupcakes Everyone Will Love To Make

Cookie Mix Cupcakes? Whoever said they don’t love  cookies or cupcakes must have had an experience that left them  traumatized more than satisfied. The variety that one can get when it  comes to these two sweet treats is endless, and the best part about the  whole thing is that you can get creative with your baking.

Can Cookie Mix Be Used For Cupcakes?

This is a question many people tend to ask especially if they have a box  of cookie mix at home and would like to see if they could get a cake  instead.  It IS do-able!

What Is The Difference Between Cake Mix And Cookie Mix?

There are significant differences you have to be mindful of when it  comes to the two mixtures, such as the cookie being a dense mixture  while the cake is much thinner. You may also need to be aware of…

-The amount of liquid -Leavening -Ingredients Ratio

For cookies, you may notice 3 parts flour, 2 parts fat, and 1 part  sugar, while in cakes, it is generally 2 parts flour and liquid alike,  and one part each for an egg, sugar, and fat.

Are Cookies Healthier Than Cake?

Starting from the mixture base, you can opt for whole wheat flour over  white flour and use honey as the sweetener compared to raw sugar.

What Can I Add To Cupcakes To Make Them Moist?

– Use oil instead of butter – Adding a little pudding mix – Use cake flour instead of all-purpose.  – Add a little yogurt.  – Use a little Applesauce. 

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