How to Make Star of David Cupcakes

A monkey on a cupcake

These cupcakes will work for several Jewish holidays –  Hanukkah, Passover, and Yom Kippur come to mind. Heck, who really needs an excuse to make a yummy treat?

– 12 cupcakes – 1 to 2 cups vanilla frosting – Candy melts, royal blue – 6 pretzel sticks for each cupcake – Large open star tip (Wilton 1M Open Star Piping Tip) – Piping bags – Toothpick


Melt the candy coating according to package directions giving special  care not to overheat the candy.  -->If the candy coating is overheated, it  will be too thick.  You can add 2 teaspoons of vegetable shortening or  coconut oil to help thin the candy but do not add any other type of  liquid as the candy will seize and harden. Click the link below to see full recipe.

Toss each pretzel stick in the melted blue candy and then place it on the waxed paper to create triangles.

Allow them to dry completely.

Once the pretzels have dried, use a small amount of melted candy to attach one triangle over another triangle to create a star.

Gently lay a pretzel star on each frosted cupcake and your Star or David, or Shield of David Jewish Cupcakes are complete!

Want to give this recipe a try? Tap the link for all the details.