How to Make Rainbow Fish Cupcakes

A monkey on a cupcake

Do you have a little one or two who love the story Rainbow Fish?  Do they also love cupcakes? If you answered yes to both of those questions,  then this cupcake recipe is perfect for you!

You will need: – Yellow Cupcakes, baked and completely cooled  – Buttercream frosting – M&M’s candy, various colors – Rainbow candy strips cut into triangles for the tail fin – Sugar decorative eyes

Pipe frosting on each cupcake in a smooth, flat swirl.  Begin laying down the m&m’s on one side of the cupcake, allow them to overlap just a little – use any color pattern you want. Leave an oval shape uncovered on the opposite side of the cupcake for the face of the fish.

Place a sugar eye on the face.  Add the rainbow candy tail on the back of the fish, wide side out.  Add a frosting mouth to your rainbow fish and you are all set!

Want to give this recipe a try? Tap the link for all the details.