How to Make Adorable  Bee Cupcakes

A monkey on a cupcake

These are fantastic cupcakes for your favorite gardener or even for that  baby shower that struggles for a theme. Bees are something that  everyone should know more about and be willing to try and help – they  really are our friends!

– Baked yellow cupcakes per whichever recipe you want to use and let them cool completely. – Yellow frosting – homemade or storebought – Mini chocolate chips – for your bee eyes – My bee wings template – Your chocolate bee wings and antennae


-Bake cupcakes per recipe and cool completely. - Mix white frosting and yellow food coloring to make yellow frosting or use already prepared yellow frosting. Click the link below to see full recipe.

Make your chocolate wings and antennae.

Place a yellow frosting on the center of each cupcake. On one end place 2 mini chocolate chips, flat side up, for the bumblebee eyes.

Pipe chocolate stripes onto the bee’s back.

Carefully, remove wings from wax paper and place them on either side of  the cupcake along with the antennae to place behind the eyes.

Want to give this recipe a try? Tap the link for all the details.