Make a Wasp or Ant Man Cupcakes Batch to Have a Movie Night!

A monkey on a cupcake

If you are a lover of Ant-Man or nature and animals, in general, then you will love these amazing cupcakes. They are super easy to make and will make for a great movie night sweet treat.

– 1 box of white cake mix – 3 eggs room temp – 1/2 C of softened unsalted sweet cream butter – 1 C whole milk – 1TBSP pure vanilla extract – Yellow, and black gel food coloring – Clear cupcake liners – Muffin pan


Preheat oven to 350.and prepare your muffin tin. Whip up your cake batter. Divide the batter into 3 bowls and add a food color gel into each bowl. Add the yellow to one bowl, and add the black food coloring to the second bowl. Leave the third bowl white. Begin to fill the cupcake liners.

Scoop about 1 tbsp of each colored batter into the cupcake and continue to rotate colors until it is 3/4 of the way full.

– 1 C unsalted sweet cream butter, softened – 2 1/2 C powder sugar – 1 tsp vanilla – 3-5 TBSP heavy whipping cream – Yellow, and black gel food coloring – 1 disposable piping bag with a star tip


Once the frosting is made, split it into three bowls. Add about 2-4 drops of each color: yellow in one bowl, black in another, leaving the third one white.

Place the piping bag into a large glass and fold the sides of the bag over. Scoop one spoonful of the yellow frosting onto one side of the piping bag. Now scoop one spoonful of the black frosting onto another side of the piping bag. Scoop one spoonful of the white frosting onto the last side of the piping bag and squeeze the icing together.  Frost the cooled cupcakes.

Want to give this recipe a try? Tap the link for all the details.