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How to Host the Best Cupcake Decorating Contest

How to Host the Best Cupcake Decorating Contest

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A Cupcake Decorating Contest? When it comes to baking, it is not just getting the right teaspoon of ingredients in and baking for the exact 30 minutes as indicated on the packaged mix. There is so much more associated with it…including how to go about things or even present the treats once they are finished.

How to Host the Best Cupcake Decorating Contest kid decorating a cupcake for a family cupcake decorating contest

Cupcakes are a big favorite for just about everybody, no matter the flavor, and topping them off with just the perfect touch, too, will make them a heart-smiling delicacy.

But, aside from baking these mini cakes just for fun or for that birthday party, what else could you engage these in to have some extra fun? How about a cupcake contest? We are sure this sounds like an exciting activity that would pull everyone in, especially the kids, and knowing they would get to compete with friends.

How to Host the Best Cupcake Decorating Contest

Hosting a cupcake decorating contest is not as hard as it seems, as all you need is the place, people, and ideas on the types of cupcakes you need. Once that is set, you would be surprised to see how many people would desire to engage in it.

In a time like this when the world is going through a pandemic, everything is basically going virtual, and this could be a fun virtual event to co-ordinate!

But you may ask “how does a virtual contest work?” There are so many virtual rooms such as zoom, skype, Facebook, and many others that people can use to showcase their talent. Besides, you could email your decorated stand and await a response from the “judging panel.”

Virtual Shows

Every year, different companies worldwide host virtual cupcake decorating contests, with winners getting the chance to be given lots of prizes and surprises.

For instance, one hosted by the Lewisville Branch Library allows bakers to submit their entries via email. During the contest period, which is usually a week, people get to vote for their favorite. The winner is then announced on the draw day.

There is usually a theme that bakers have to work with, for example, “eco-friendly,” which means their main entries have to exemplify something that promotes an environmentally-friendly setting.

How You Can Host Your Virtual Show

With the joy of Covid – we are all sitting behind our Zoom sessions, and this could be a fun twist to that. Each family involved would simply just need a standard kit – so everyone is starting at the same base.

Do you want it to be just a family and friends thing or do you want to make it a fundraiser – larger event of sorts?

Hosting a virtual cupcake decorating show is relatively easy once you have the mindset and the willpower to get you through it. After you have made the necessary plans on what to expect, who can enter, what is required, and when you would like to host it?

You can go ahead and get sponsors to help you with advertising the competition as well as get the prizes and surprises you will use to run the show, if you are going that route. Interestingly, it is often not hard to get the right sponsors on board, especially when you seek out the food and beverage industry.

How to Host the Best Cupcake Decorating Contest

In a pandemic like this, many companies would like to bring awareness to their brand, which is a great strategy to get it done. Organize with them and let them see the importance of the show and its purpose in bringing to light many people’s talent. After all, it is set, get to advertising, and be surprised to know how far it will go. You can make the necessary guidelines to be like…

* Setting a Theme

What aspect of life would you like to bring awareness to? You can make the theme surround this. Take, for instance, breast cancer awareness – this means you could go pink. People will have the privilege to get flexible with their baking and decorating. Or, you could go for something more playful like nature and the environment.

* Ingredients for your Cupcake Decorating Contest

This is one of the most interesting aspects of the contest as the most intriguing thing is that all contestants have a pre-arranged list they have to work with. No rule says everyone has to use the same ingredients, but it has to come from the guidelines’ setlist.

* Submission

The submission aspect of the contest solely depends on you and how you desire for it to go. You could request that contestants submit their entries through email or via a social media group. You could also ask for a video sample of the preparation and the results, or you could opt for photo submission.

* Prizes For Your Cupcake Decorating Contest

The prizes can vary, and you could choose something that could help the contestants…either a cash prize or something they can use to improve their talent – baking set, stove, or ingredients.

If this is a friends and family thing – a trophy from your local dollar store could be tweaked with vinyl – to make a bragging rights award that you can use to hold over each other’s heads at future get-togethers for years.

People are home and would love to get their hands busy instead of lying around all day. The kids are home, which is a great way to get their minds active and allow them to get creative while doing something they love. Get a group of friends to help you plan, or you can team up and host a more exciting event.  

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